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June 2006 I started playing World of Warcraft. Before that time i was aware of it, but my computer was too old to play it well. A collegue played and had shown me some gameplay and a fly tour through Azeroth. So once i got a new computer i bought the game and ventured out myself. After a few characters on different servers i settled down on Steamwheedle Cartel EU (SWC), a rather quiet RP server. RP seemed to attract a somewhat more grownup community - heh, little did i know! Now, two and half years later i'm still on Steamwheedle. Turned out my favourite activity in WoW is raiding and i'm rather lucky having been in the top 3 guilds on SWC. Raiding is a timewaster though, and the websites i used to work on before i played WoW are deadly silent. Someday i do hope to get back to lfs.nl, but that time is not now. Still, i love to work on a website, write articles and see a site grow. So i decided to set up this website, enwowment.com. It is a a fun side project, following what i do inside World of Warcraft and all the investigationa i do. I do not pretend to be a theorycrafter or specialist in anyway, but i do read a lot about all the different aspect of playing an raiding in WoW, and this is also a place to form my own opinions and make notes of what i learn. I'm curious to see how this place will evolve, i do have a small hope maybe my friends outside of WoW will come by and see what i like about this game, and that friends inside WoW see another side of me. Most of all, i hope enwowment.com will show how much i enjoy the World of Warcraft.